Originally Posted 6/30/06 – Illinois Gaming Board stupidity

The Bear Growls: Illinois Gaming Board stupidity

June 30, 2006

Further eroding what little privacy remains for casino patrons, Illinois casinos will soon have to start checking ID’s of patrons “who look 30 years old or younger” in a feeble attempt to weed out compulsive gamblers.

From the article Illinois casinos to check IDs for addicts

“These efforts will continue to be evaluated to determine their effectiveness,” Gaming Board Chairman Aaron Jaffe said during a meeting of the panel Thursday. “At some point in the future, this board may require that the driver’s licenses of other age groups be checked as well.”

I hope that these folks come to their senses, and this misguided “big brother” stupidity is quickly terminated.


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  1. oh, I see that this post is a little bit old, but again, come on. Illinois cards for alcohol and cigarettes for those appearing under 30. What is a casino doing any differently than a bartender or store clerk checking your ID.

    Next you’ll be wanting casinos to stop filling out CTRs that any bank is required to do by federal law for any total cash transactions over $10,000 in a day. There are very legitimate reasons why casinos need your ID and its not to stalk you at your house.

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