Why I started this blog

The Bear Growls 

I have been writing “growls” for the free weekly newsletter published by BJ21.com for a few years. I growl whenever something annoys me enough to comment about it. There is no schedule or timeline as to when I choose to growl.

A friend asked how he can quickly access all past growls, and told me the growls are “a blog waiting to happen.” Who says “You can’t teach an old Bear new tricks?” Therefore, by “popular demand” of one friend/”fan,” here they are. Of course, part of the purpose is to expose wrongdoing by the gaming industry and those associated with it.

I encourage comments about the growls, and reports of incidents, stupid casino policies, government corruption, etc.

LV Bear


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  1. Dear LV Bear:

    I can’t seem to find the blog you wrote that I responded to but you’re right, we seem to have similar causes….. I’ve never really bothered with blogging before but have good communication skills. I need a forum for exposing the thoroughbred racing industry across the U.S. as I am a former Race Book Manager among other things and am now dedicating a large part of my life to “enlightening” people about the atrocities that take place daily…..to include stewarding issues which is basically a license to steal….the pool manipulation that goes on is basic theft unpunished….. need to start some type of blog effort myself or something as I watch races every day and see impropriety every day as well…..any guidance youi can give me would be appreciated…..thanx….Mikee T…..

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