The Bear Growls: As I predicted six months ago, “retired” Sheriff goes to work for a casino

Former Clark County Sheriff Bill Young

Station principals Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank J. Fertitta III, as well as their relatives, supported Young during his tenure as sheriff. In 2002, the company and its owners donated $50,000 to Young’s campaign. In 2006, they donated $60,000, according to Clark County election records. Link to news article.

This is sickening. It happens over and over and over. “Political contributions” in exchange for protection when casino employees commit crimes against patrons, then a fat-cat job handed to the “retired” former public official. These people truly have no shame.

His role at Station will include overseeing the security and surveillance departments at the company’s 16 properties.

Palace Station

Security and surveillance are two separate departments that have serious potential for being in conflict with one another. An independent and well-run surveillance department can help protect a casino from liability by reporting security guard misbehavior to senior management before bad guards get completely out of control. How can one guy head both departments? If Mr. Young was to be more than a phony figurehead, it would be a serious conflict of interest that even casino bosses should be able to recognize.

The reality is that, as a friend put it, Mr. Young will probably have no real duties other than perhaps “interviewing cocktail waitresses” and collecting his fat payoff — err, I mean paycheck.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Attorney who successfully prosecuted the corrupt former Clark County Commissioners has been fired. Who will look out for the taxpayers and citizens now?

Click here for link to my comments made six months ago. (Scroll down) I wish I had been wrong about this, but obviously I wasn’t.


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