The Bear Growls: Former Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn attempting to join MGM Grand board of directors

Former Nev Gov. Kenny Guinn

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If anyone somehow still had any doubt that casinos are the de facto government of Nevada, that doubt can now be put to rest. The former governor, out of office because of term limits, is now sleeping with dogs. Unethical dogs at that. I hope he gets fleas. Another embarrassment for Nevada. Shame on Governor Guinn.

He said he chose MGM Mirage because of the company’s reputation and his relationships with higher-ups. “It’s a very, very fine company, well run, with excellent management and a very fine board,” he said. “I’ve known many of those people for many, many years.”

The folks whose money the MGM Grand has attempted to delay payment of or outright steal might not agree with Governor Guinn’s assessment of the MGM Grand.

Links to information about some of MGM’s Grand’s previous unethical behavior:

MGM Grand and Gaming Control Board conspire to harass patron trying to cashing chips

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