Originally Posted 9/21/03 – Casino hypocrisy reaches new low

The Bear Growls:  Casino hypocrisy reaches new low

October 21, 2003

At first glance at the article Casinos Participate in Problem Gambling Conference, it looks like this is a serious effort to help combat an apparently growing social problem. But sentences like:

Indian tribes practice responsible gambling, training employees to detect and respond when a problem gambler needs help.

What a farce, designed to deflect occasional bad press. “See, look what good corporate citizens we’re trying to be. We don’t want problem gamblers as customers,” blah, blah, blah.


An executive with Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., the world’s largest gaming company, describes the company’s program and how it relates to others.

I wonder if the Harrah’s executive said, “Well, we increase their limit for markers so we can get more of their money.” I have never seen a casino employee try to “help” an obvious problem gambler, other than to get them more “free” drinks, or throw them out after they’ve lost every penny they have.

I’m curious if anyone has ever actually seen a casino employee hand someone a When the Fun Stops pamphlet?

I don’t blame the casinos for the addicted gamblers, just as I don’t blame McDonald’s for people being fat. But for casinos to claim that they somehow try to help these unfortunate gambling addicts is such hypocrisy and outright lying that I can’t stand to let it go unmentioned.

It would be interesting if casino employees would tell us exactly what “training” they receive as to problem gamblers, and what types of “programs” are in place. I doubt if there is anything substantive.


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