Shooting in New York-New York Casino

Shooter's view from NY NY Casino

Five Injured in Vegas Casino Shooting

A man on a walkway over the New York-New York casino floor opened fire on the gamblers below early Friday, wounding three people before he was tackled by off-duty police officers, police said.

I have long been concerned about this. With all the drunks, compulsive gamblers, hassles, rude casino employees, rude losing patrons, and the general negativity in casinos, I am surprised that incidents like this don’t happen more often. But there is little a casino or any other business can reasonably do to prevent it.

Certainly the casino is blameless, unless it turns out that the gunman was a drunk who should have been cut off. So far, I have seen nothing to indicate that he was.


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  1. What about the fact that apparently the casino remained open throughout the incident and subsequent investigation? So thousands of people were tramping through the crime scene? It sounds like the money was more important than anything else.

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