Bear Praise: A different look at the Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Nevada Gaming Control Board today put on an informational seminar for casino licensees and “interested parties.” Needless to say, I am an interested party. The seminar was the brainchild of Board Member Randall E. Sayre, of whom I have been critical in the past.

Mr. Sayre put on an excellent presentation, and did not dodge tough questions. Though he and I have disagreements on certain issues, I came away from the seminar with new respect for Mr. Sayre and for Jerry Markling, the Chief of Enforcement, who was also polite and gracious to a growling old bear who has frequently criticized him and his Enforcement Division.

If the fair-minded, no-nonsense approach Mr. Sayre took in a room of casino folks would trickle down to lower-level enforcement employees, the Board could be much more forthright and effective in properly controlling the industry it is charged with regulating, and reducing the disrespect for the law routinely demonstrated by many casino employees. Congratulations to Mr. Sayre on an outstanding presentation. I hope that what he said didn’t fall on deaf casino ears. I look forward to future seminars.

The seminar is being repeated in Carson City on September 21. I urge everyone with an interest in the industry to attend. You are almost certain to learn something. Mr. Sayre possesses a wealth of knowledge and ideas. In the Las Vegas seminar, one could be as anonymous as he or she wanted. Entry was open with no questions asked, a truly “open meeting.” Well done.


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